Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pita Chips

First off, yes, I know these are bad for you. I only make these on occasions and learned how to make them in Culinary school. Nice, quick and very tasty snacks. They are great with dips or salsa - or just to eat alone.

Pita Chips
A package of pita bread
Canola oil for frying
kosher salt
seasoning of choice

Cut the pita bread in wedges (as shown) and separate each of the wedge to make two pieces. I normally use white pita bread, but wheat is just as good - maybe a little chewier.

Fry a few of the pita bread wedges until golden brown - it is very quick and only takes a minute - if that. Toss them onto paper towels to drain, sprinkle with salt and seasoning - and voila! Delicious crispy pita chips!

The next time I make these, I'll be trying a 'healthier' version by baking these in the oven. We'll just see how they'll turn out.

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