Friday, November 1, 2013

Tasty Halloween "Blood"

In the spirit of Halloween - I decided to post my recipe for delicious and very inexpensive Halloween blood. It doesn't stain the skin AND it doesn't stain clothes - at least it hasn't yet. It is so good that I think it would be really good to drizzle the "blood" on cupcakes or any other Halloween treats for special effects.

Delicious Halloween Blood

All it takes are these three ingredients:

Maple syrup
Coco powder
Red Indian food grade powder (I use Preema)

The maple syrup gives it body and a little color, while the red food coloring makes it a bright red. I put in coco powder for the dark flecks you see in blood and just to make the "blood" not so bright red. The nice thing about this blood is that it dries nicely, yet still looks wet and realistic. Did I mention that it taste really good? ;)

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